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Welcome to the Kaghan Memorial Trust

KMT is a non-profit Charitable Trust registered in Islamabad, Pakistan in the aftermath of the earthquake of October 2005. The Trust has been focused since its inception on building and operating a large school in the Kaghan Valley, one of the areas most devastated by the earthquake. This Kaghan Memorial School (KMS) provides quality education completely free of cost to disadvantaged children from the Kaghan Valley. KMS is committed to the education of girls and boys alike, with both genders represented equally in each class.

The management and administration of KMT are overseen by a Board of Trustees headed by an elected Managing Trustee. This Board is also responsible for developing, organizing and implementing the Trust’s fundraising programme. The Trustees of KMT are all members of civil society who have a genuine desire to provide quality education to those who cannot afford it.

KMT was initially established by three friends, all members of civil society, who wanted to play their part in helping with the long term rehabilitation of the Kaghan Valley. Since its inception, other concerned members of society wanting to support the cause of the Trust have been co-opted as Trustees.

The Kaghan Memorial Trust and Kaghan Memorial School are both dedicated to the memory of the thousands of children who lost their lives to the earthquake of October 2005.