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Donation Options

Child Sponsorship

Sponsor a child's education for a year: Sponsor a Child

Larger Donations

The Kaghan Memorial Trust raises funds for ongoing construction work and also for running the School through an Income Generation Programme (IGP) that includes: soliciting donations from corporate, institutional and individual donors; the organisation of several fundraising events each year; and a “Sponsor a Child” Programme.

Options for donating to KMT through our IGP are listed as follows:

Donation for Building Construction

You can sponsor the construction of a particular facility, e.g. a classroon, a laboratory etc.

a. Sponsor a classroom A donation of US$ 15,000 will sponsor one classroom
b. Sponsor a science laboratory A donation of US$ 25,000 will sponsor one science laboratory
Donation to support a Special Programme at the School

You can donate to several programmes that KMT operates at the School to take care of the well-being of its students.

a. Sponsor our 'Getting Children to School' Programme A donation of PKR 675,000 (US$ 4,200), will cover the operational cost of 1 vehicle for 1 full Academic year. Each jeep has a capacity to transport 30 to 32 children to school each day by making two rounds (one short round and one long round) each morning and afternoon i.e. 15 to 16 children are transported in each round.
b. Participate in our Book Donation Drive for our Library

At KMS we are determined to inculcate a habit of reading into our students at a very young age. To achieve this, we require each student from Grade 3 onwards to read at least one non-academic book year week. We have maintained this tradition from the outset, and this may be one of the reasons why our students are more comfortable with the English language as compared to their counterparts in rural Pakistan.

To further encourage and foster a love for reading and learning amongst our students, we formally inaugurated our Central Library at KMS in 2019. In addition to offering books and other literature to our students and faculty, this facility is also equipped with state-of-the art online learning equipment and tools. Having established the library, we are now trying to increase our number of books from 4,000 to around 20,000. If and when we achieve this target, we will then have to purchase additional books each year to replace older editions that are damaged over time due to wear and tear. We will, therefore, always require new books each year.

A donation of PKR 1,000,000 will help us purchase 1,000 to 1,500 books for our library. Any other amounts that you may be comfortable with contributing for this purpose will also help us tremendously.

General Donation

You may also contribute any amount of you choosing to the Trust as a general donation. Such donations may be used by the Trust to cover operational or construction expenses at the School, as required.