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Frequently Asked Questions

  • i. The Kaghan Memorial Trust (KMT) is a non-profit charitable Trust registered in Islamabad in the aftermath of the earthquake of October 2005
  • ii. The Trustees of KMT are all members of civil society dedicated to providing a ‘meaningful' and useful' education to disadvantaged children from underdeveloped regions of Pakistan.
  • iii. The Trust works largely on a volunteer model; the Trustees, Friends, Senior International Teachers, and professional staff at the KMT Head Office, are all volunteers.
  • i. We are building and operating the Kaghan Memorial School (KMS) in the Kaghan Valley of Northern Pakistan. Both School and Trust are dedicated to the memory of the thousands of children who lost their lives in the earthquake of 2005.
  • ii. KMS offers free education of a high quality to underprivileged children from the valley.
  • iii. Our goal is to provide these children with the education and the opportunities available to their more fortunate counterparts studying in elite private schools around Pakistan.
  • iv. The School has an enrolment of approximately 800 children.
  • v. We also provide transport between home and school, free of cost, to our students and teachers.
  • vi. We have built enough classrooms and allied facilities to accommodate our currently enrolled students.
  • vii. Construction work at the School is expected to continue till the year 2024, by which time we hope to have the entire campus fully constructed.
  • You can:
  • i. sponsor a child for an annual contribution of US$ 500. This amount will cover the child's education, clothes, and transport.
  • ii. sponsor the construction of a particular facility i.e. a classroom, a laboratory or an administrative office. Please contact us for information on the sponsorship costs of various planned buildings and facilities at the school.
  • iii. support our ‘Getting Children to School Programme’ by sponsoring the annual operational costs of one or more vehicles that provide free pick-and-drop services to our students each day. A contribution of Pak. Rs. 675,000 (US$ 4,200) per year will cover the cost of one such vehicle, which transports around 30 to 32 children to school each day.
  • iv. contribute towards the purchase of books or laboratory equipment for the School. We need such supplies and equipment each year, and any donations for this purpose will help.
  • v. make a general donation to the Trust to help us with the School's operational and construction costs.
We request that you also consider giving your Zakat to this worthy cause. We need all the support that we can get and any amount donated is sincerely appreciated