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Academic Model

Welcome to the Kaghan Memorial Trust

From the outset, the Trustees of KMS recognised the need for an adapted academic model. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • Relevance to the children’s environment and upbringing –we take a child centred approach. This means we need to be aware of and sensitive to the local context;
  • Intensive English introduction required - As an English medium school and with students having no exposure to the language prior to starting, KMS needed to have a curriculum that could support rapid learning of English;
  • Limited support from home – while the parents of children in KMS are supportive of their education, they lack the basic educational background to provide support for activities and homework at home;
  • Limited resources – we are endeavouring to provide all the necessary resources at KMS. However, resources at home are limited meaning that exposure to new technology as well as items has to be graduated, carefully supervised and cannot be replicated at home;
  • Concurrent teacher training – our teaching faculty goes from strength to strength. Nevertheless, we continue our teacher training, introducing techniques and approaches never used before in rural Pakistan. This requires careful planning and introduction.

As a result of this, up to and including grade 5, we have created a tailored curriculum for our school that blends elements of the British and Pakistani curriculum, ensuring all of the latter is covered as per grade level standards. This is delivered this through a carefully developed syllabus that considers the optimum pace for the students.

From grade 6 to 8, we focus on transitioning towards the standard Pakistani curriculum for both our boys and girls. This means we use a plethora of resources from both the British, Pakistani and other curriculum.

From grade 9 onwards, we focus on teaching the Pakistani national curriculum – including matric and FSc accreditation. However, again we are adapting these so as to ensure that we cover all of the requirements as well as keeping the school’s approach of child centred learning.

At KMT, we believe the academic model of KMS needs to build well rounded individuals. Individuals who recognise the importance of hardwork, responsibility to others and being inquisitive. This is built throughout their years at the School.

As a final note, we do not believe an academic model should be static. The trustees firmly believe that in order for KMS to stay relevant and ahead, we need to keep reviewing our approaches. This is supported by annual workshops focused on the curriculum, regular in-house reviews, teacher-parent meetings and teacher workshops/trainings.